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3 Tips for a New Year’s Resolution

  • Dream big, but be fair to yourself: Your list should include two types of goals: goals, that are easy-to-reach and others, that are high-aimed and challenge you. This way you ensure that, even if you fail to reach those big ones, you still accomplished something – and ticking off some boxes and goals is always a good feeling.
  • Make your list dynamic: As I mentioned in my other post, some goals are just not meant to be or you even realize you don’t want them anymore. Sometime you realize in the middle of August that there is one goal you want to reach by the end of the year. Allow yourself to adjust your goals, maybe every three months, so your New Year’s resolution is more realistic and reachable. 
  • Surround yourself with motivated and ambitious people: It is completely normal to sometimes feel stuck or just lose motivation, therefore it is always good to have somebody that helps you go through with your plan. A friend and I, for example, wanted to work out more, so we send ugly, sweaty pictures of ourselves to the other after we went training. Seeing the other person doing something for their figure, inspired the other to go to the gym as well.

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