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New Year, New Me?

Why I chose no New Year’s Resolution 2018 and why I’ll never do that again

I used to be a big planner: I had my life goals, my 5-years-plan, my daily and weekly To-Do-Lists and never missed writing down a New Year’s Resolution. Sure, this didn’t mean that I always achieved what I have planned (losing seven kilos has been on that list now for quite some time – I’m only fifteen kilos away from reaching that goal by now…), but I needed that structure to reach goals that were important to me (as you can see, losing weight is not my highest priority).

Especially in 2016, I was very successful holding on to my plans – or at least so I thought. I got the internships I wanted, I worked hard for amazing grades at Uni, I produced short movies, and I successfully pursued my passion of writing. It was a great feeling: It seemed like everything I wanted, I was able to reach.

Then – right before the New Year 2017 things came crashing down. I was really devastated, yet, I tried to keep my head high. I made new resolutions trying to build up on my success of 2016. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to reach any of my goals.

I ended up being frustrated thinking that this “new year – new me”-thing was just not my style. Why would I need a new year to start my success? What would really change between the 31stof December to the 1stof January?  It’s not like my brain goes: “Oh, a new year – let me be more discipline”. The same goes for Mondays: Why would I be more sportive just because a new week started? So I decided to quit. Quit writing to-do-lists, quit pursuing my 5-years-plan and definitely stop making New Year’s resolutions. Just because it’s 2018, nothing would change anyways.

And it actually did not. The new year came, and nothing had changed: I was still successful in pursuing my plans and ideas, even without a ‘game plan’.

But it was the worst. It felt like I was rushing from one deadline to another, without a minute to breathe. Having no structure made me procrastinate and I just felt lazy not being able to tick a little box off, after I had accomplished something. 

Maybe I was bound too tight to my To-Do-Lists, but I felt like running and running without reaching anything. And that made me realize: I might don’t even need the structure of plans, but I need to visualize what I actually accomplish.

And for sure, I do not need a new year to determine if I will be successful or not, but why not go with the flow? In January everyone is still motivated to pursuit some goals and it might helps being in an environment of motivation to keep your own resolutions alive. Yet, it is important to not forget that seemingly failing to fulfill all of the resolutions does not mean a whole year was a failure. You are not competing against your plans – because no one knows what could happen during that year and sometimes some plans are just not meant to be – at least for now. So this year one of my resolutions is: take it easy! Even if I don’t change myself completely, that might be good. Maybe I don’t accomplish this or that one goal, but maybe I’m succeeding in something else – something that is not on my resolution.

One thing is for sure, this new year will not determine everything, but my resolution will be kept dynamic and can be changed over time – making some adjustments here and there, so when I sit down end of 2019, it be easier for me to realize and visualize that some goals I thought I wanted to reach in 2018 were not meant to be and others, I couldn’t even think of in 2018, are represented on my New Year’s list. 


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

  1. I appreciate your honesty. I go back and forth on the whole resolutions thing. For a while, I was big on vision boards…sets the tone. – But I also believe that each day is a new one and we can start setting intentions on goals whether it’s a Monday or a Wednesday, January 1st or September 15th… Great blog!

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    1. thanks so much 💖 and you’re absolutely right: everyday is a new chance ☺️ I guess the first of January just helps because everyone has the mindset to change something, so your surrounding helps you go through with your new motivation ☺️


  2. This is something I’ve been struggling with for a while myself. In fact, my last blog post was on this subject, but a sort of different path. I like that you can look at yourself through a realistic lens. Good read. 🙂

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