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How to make yourself your home?

  1. Ask yourself when you felt really home – and don’t underestimate yourself as a factor in this feeling:We tend to project everything good we experience onto something without noticing that we played a role in it as well. For example: I used to go with my best friend for a cup of coffee on a regular basis. As I moved away, I stopped that habit – what’s the use of spending three pounds on a coffee, just to sit alone in a corner and reminiscing about better times? Due to my New Year’s Resolution, I finally found the courage to go on my own and sip my Vanilla Latte. And it was amazing. I spent the time relaxing, focusing on that little luxury of coffee and getting to know the people of my neighborhood. Though it would’ve been great to have my friend with me, it was just as great being with myself. 
  2. Get rid of the old and free yourself:Making yourself home means that you have to cut some ties to old ways. This does not mean that you have to leave people or places behind, but you should get closure with the old idea of home. You can do this by revisiting some special places or by reconnecting with old friends. If you feel like some bridges are burned down for too long and you won’t be able to revive old relations, that’s completely fine, but forgive yourself and don’t find the fault in yourself. Some things are just not meant to have a future – yet, the relationship with yourself lasts forever, so you should be the number one priority (regarding the following point, this is not an appeal to be an egoist). 
  3. Selflove, Selfcare and Self-acceptance is key:Practice selflove and selfcare in a monthly ritual. I know, sometimes money and time is tight, but there is only one of you. And if you don’t take care of yourself, who else should? You are important and wonderful and therefore you should cherish yourself the way you deserve it. Try to put some money aside and reserve yourself one day in a month, where you treat yourself, you have a date with yourself, or even a day where you challenge yourself (e.g. overcoming fear), so you can get to know yourself better and get to know what makes you feel great – because that is the key to find home inside yourself. 

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