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Mrs. Right

Since the invention of fairy tales, little girls listen to stories about princes saving their queen of hearts from dragons, bad step parents or just from a long-lasting good night sleep. The perfect man, knight in his shining armor, ready to be there for a beautiful woman. He is handsome, intelligent and simply charming. No one can resist – except for the problem: Does he really exist? Disney, Hollywood and fairy tales suggest that he certainly does. Yet, no man on a white horse ever knocked on my door, when I needed help. When I desperately asked for savings from my math homework. And no man ever woke me up, when I overslept.

On the other hand, if a man would wake me up after my own personal 100 years sleep, I definitely would not look like a sleeping beauty nor would I be thankful towards him for waking me up. Further, if it would be as simple for me to lose one shoe and another man returning this shoe, to determine that we are now officially dating and can get married – I guess, even men would appreciate this simplicity.

But life isn’t as easy as singing to animals and they suddenly clean your house – even though I would do anything to make this reality. To be honest, one reason could be that I am not a princess. I know that there are a lot of girls and women about there that picture themselves as princesses, I think it is important to know what message that also conveys: While princesses are always beautiful, fairy tales’ picture them as most likely as helpless and always in need to be rescued, just waiting for true love and Prince Charming. In modern days people even link the description of “princess” with someone who is spoiled.

I know it shouldn’t matter what others think of you and if you want to be a princess, go out there, be the best princess you can be and disregard the next paragraph. For all the others:

Think about yourself and your strengths. Do you really need to wait for true love until your life is complete? Do you really need savings by someone else? And can someone else truly save you? I know we sometimes go through hard times, and it is great to have a shoulder to cry on. It is great to talk to someone you love about it. And it is great to get support from others, when needed. But is really only Prince Charming capable of doing so? And isn’t also a big share of the help you need, support, courage and motivation from yourself?

And I know that it is a beautiful picture of girls and women in long beautiful dresses wearing a crown – but you don’t have to be a princess to wear a beautiful dress and even a crown – if you feel like doing so, do so! It doesn’t matter if you are a scientist, a social media creative, a teacher, etc. you are beautiful – with or without the title of being a princess.

So, don’t wait for Mr. Right to start living your best life, to save you from an uncomfortable situation or to finally feel complete. Find the strength within yourself, love yourself as good as you can, be your own Mrs. Right – because that is true love.


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